Do Batters setup games and Bowlers win you games?

Ferox Cricket Blog 4

In order for this statement to be true bowlers better take some wickets! Here are some tips from Ferox Cricket that a bowler could consider:

  1. Try to get batters out when you practice. This doesn’t mean you have to try get them out every ball, but have a goal to dismiss the batter when you bowl at them.
  2. Know your strengths – execute this ball as much as you can. Think Mitch Starc vs Pat Cummins in a bowled/lbw contest. Knowing that Starc gets 39% of his dismissals via Bowled/LBW vs Cummins 19% (Test Matches), who would you turn to for a Bowled/LBW dismissal. It would be fair to say that Starc practices bowling full swinging deliveries at practice.
  3. Understand your weaknesses. Communicate this with your Captain and Coaches. Work on them at practice.
  4. Once you have identified both strengths and weaknesses. Be disciplined and practice them. Working on both is equally important!
  5. Have a plan to remove a batter. Bowlers will need to be creative at times to remove batters. Enjoy the contest!
  6. Be attacking where possible, attack the batter and get them out! Don’t be scared if a batter scores runs, keep hunting them!
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