Selecting a bat to suit you

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Selecting a bat to suit you

Something that we get asked regularly here FeroX Cricket is, “what type of bat do you recommend?” There are a number of factors an individual should consider in order to select the best bat for themselves or their son or daughter. Always remember each individual cricketer will want different specifications for their optimal bat type and a lot comes down to individual feel.

The main factors to consider are:

Handle – Oval vs Round handled bats. These are typically a personal preference.

Size – See our Bat Chart that helps to describe this, however it would be reasonable to consider that and individual may prefer a different sized bat to what is advised in the FeroX Bat Chart.

Weight – FeroX Cricket suggests a simple test. Former Australian Test Captain and widely respected Cricket Coach, Graeme Yallop, advised the below test for selecting a bats weight:

• Hold bat with top hand – end of handle

• Hold your arm decently straight in front of you. – Shoulder height – wrist position with back of hand facing the shoulder

• Bat face turned towards you horizontally.

If you can hold this position for 30 seconds without dropping or lowering the bat, you could consider this bat is ‘not too heavy’.

This method is especially recommended for young cricketers consider ensuring the bat selected is not too heavy.  

Feel/Balance – Arguably the most important thing to select in a bat is its ‘feel’. The key is to understand your batting strengths and weaknesses, then select a ‘feel/balance’ to enhance your game to score runs and batting longer at the crease.

Before picking a bat (see our ‘Factors to consider when selecting English Willow’) you should decide if you want a bat that is ‘toe heavy’ OR ‘in your hands’.

FeroX Cricket Bat Range is as follows:

Fierce Range

• Mid-low profile bat

• Duckbill toe

• Square toe and balanced towards the toe.

Essentially a bat balanced towards the toe will suit batters who enjoy driving. The playing conditions also can be considered too. Hitting the ball on lower, slower wickets will be optimal with a balance towards to the toe.

Wolf Range

• Mid-high profile,

• Spine of the bat running all the way into the toe

• Round toe and feel ‘in your hands’.

A bat balanced towards the middle and feeling ‘in your hands’ will suit batters who enjoy horizontal bat shorts and expansive trick shots. The playing conditions would ideally be bouncy and true. You will want the ball hitting the middle section of your bat.

Remember FeroX means fierce, strong and aggressive. Select the best bat to play to your strengths, hit the ball hard and keep trying to score runs!

Good luck with your cricket, love and enjoy the game, it is the best game in the world.

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